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Business Defined is a study of the very core of the business world, the Philosophy of Business. In the traditional sense, this is not a business book. This is not necessarily a tome that explains how to make a fortune in investing, or how to design an advertising campaign that drives sales, or even how to close big deals and earn rapid promotions. The point of this book is not to teach the reader how to succeed in the business world. This books goal is to illustrate what these everyday concepts really mean, how theyre misunderstood, and how they can be applied in the most intelligent and profit-generating manner.
Business Defined, by James Lemoine, is an in-depth examination of 25 common business concepts, and how they are used and misused in everyday life.

UPDATE: A new column on Leadership Philosophy has been posted to the More Articles section, and a new Virtual Chapter is now online in that section!

At, you can read a full chapter from the book, explore other articles and columns written by the author on business topics, and even enjoy an audiovisual version of the book's "Motivation" chapter. Check our Reviews Feedback section to see what people are saying about the book, and leave your own thoughts while you're there.

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